Being Hip to Yourself

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My name is Darren Peast.  So what’s up with the name of the site. Well it’s a long story, but it just seemed kinda fun at the time, so I bought the domain. I wanted the site to have a swank vibe if you catch my drift. Maybe it was a dumb idea. But doesn’t matter, you are here now.

I am a music teacher. I studied music and voice all throughout high school and college. I always wanted to be a singer. The reason why I wanted to be a singer was because one of my best friends growing up had an incredible voice.

He was the type of singer that gave you goosebumps anytime he sang in front of an audience. All I can say is that he definitely had an “X” factor. He sang like a canary. But when he sang it moved you. It was inspiring. It made you want to be a better person for whatever he was singing.

The reason I say that he inspired you to become a better person was because often times when I heard him sing,  it was in church. It made me want to be a better Christian. That is how amazing the guy sounded. His name is Chris. He is still around and he actually sings for a living now.

With a voice like that it became clear that people would pay to hear it. It was sort of a no-brainer if you will.

Me on the other hand. I was the lesser of the two. For sure I could sing a song and for sure, people would come up to me after and tell me how great of a singer I was.

-But I knew. What did I know?

I knew deep down in my heart that no matter how much work I put into it, this was a skill that was always going to be evasive for me.

There is definitely a difference between somebody who sings well and a singer.

A few days ago as I did some research I was curious about the three tenors and I pulled up a picture of Placido Domingo. I was surprised to see that he had aged quite a bit. It simply reminded me of my youth and the fact that I have aged quite a bit. These days I love teaching music.

I love talking about it. But probably one of the things that I love to talk about the most is my old friend Chris. The reason why is simply because there was no other voice that I’d ever heard like that. I take that back. There was another guy in college who wasn’t a singer but had a vocal range of one of the highest tenors I’ve ever heard.

He said that when he was a kid (by the way his name is Jim), he used to sing along with operas. He kind of poked fun at them. He didn’t realize that he had any talent. He just simply sang what he heard. I remember taking him to my voice teacher and the voice teacher was blown away. I remember the voice teacher asking him if he ever had vocal lessons. He told him no.

He too would have been a great singer if he would’ve spent time harnessing his abilities. Unfortunately he didn’t really care much about singing. He didn’t really feel called to sing if you know what I mean even though he had a singer’s voice.

So what is he up to now? He sells hot dogs. Yep, he sells hot dogs on the street corner in a busy city.

So these are among a couple of the stories that I enjoy telling and enjoy letting people know so that they are encouraged to follow any abilities that have been given to them that seem to separate them from anyone else.

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s singing or not. We all have unique talents and abilities and the reason for this blog is simply to share some things that are on my heart about singing and pursuing your talents.