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Spring Cleaning done right! Work Smarter Not Harder

I’ve been thinking about getting my home pressure washed. What are the areas that is of particular concern is my back patio. I was grilling out there other day in the grease from the grill drips down onto the pavers. I’ll try to figure out a way to get it out. I thought about hiring a pressure washer. Come to find out what of the best ways to handle it is actually to poor Dawn or dish soap on the stains and allow it to work itself out over time and over the course of many rains.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy the other day who runs a pressure washing company. He was telling me that many people actually neglect their homes. One of the biggest things that he’s up against and his business is that people believe that they can buy a pressure washer from a local home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s for about the same amount as it costs to get their home or driveway or both pressure washed. He was explaining to me however that there is a huge difference… Huge huge gap between the quality of A pressure washer that you will buy at a local store compared to professional grade pressure washers. It isn’t just the PSI it is more. This for example is what is needed for a deck. click here.

The other thing is that if you have a newer home it can take some time before mildew in the light will actually stick to it. Is is It is really funny how peoples homes go from pretty nice too pretty ugly in a matter of a short Time span. He doesn’t understand why it’s like that but it is just simply that way. In any case to give me a reasonable price and I was on my way with a job set up to get the rest of the house taken care of.

Let feel like making sure that your home looks the part is really important. Really think about washing our houses. We think about washing our cars our clothes and so many other things but for some reason we don’t really consider well, at least in the outside. So with that said as winter is approaching you may want to be thinking four about getting a pressure washing done on your house come next spring.

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What a teacher could teach you about communication

Communication: Who Knew?

I want to talk a little bit about communication today. What I’ve discovered in communicating is that when I have a certain frame of reference when I’m talking to someone I almost always draw that frame of reference out in them.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for example if I am sitting there thinking whether consciously or unconsciously that the person I’m talking to is a real jerk, then I kind of expect that type of person to emerge.

You know what? It often does.

However, when I am mindful about the context within which I am listening to someone and take a moment to change it up a bit, I have found that I often draw out exactly what I’m looking for or listening for.

I remember being at a conference and I was interviewed by a woman. I remember this sudden urge to tell her all about my accomplishments and achievements and I wondered why that was the case. Come to find out she was actually trying to draw out that information in me and was listening for it.
I resisted the urge, but I remember leaving thinking I wonder how she was able to pull that off so seamlessly. Today, I have come to the point where I believe that she was simply listening with an intention for me to discuss those things.

Although I didn’t, I was thoroughly tempted to discuss them. I believe that when we talk to other people and we listen from a very persistent perspective, we can often draw out those things that we are expecting.

I remember one sales teacher taught me that if I consistently get the same objection over and over again, it is usually because of me not because of the individual I am talking to. She said if you get the objection for example that the price is too high, then you typically are probably thinking of it as the price is too high, or worried you will get that objection.

It’s funny to say, but I noticed whatever objection I was afraid of getting was the one that typically came up. It is so weird, but I am convinced that so much of our discussion and conversation as human beings has a lot to do with how we are feeling and how the other person is perceiving how we are feeling and consequently how they are feeling.

The other day on a sales call, I was nervous about pitching the concept to someone.

They decided not to buy, and a few days later when I reviewed my notes I actually recorded part of the conversation. I heard how I asked. I was not convincing and I did not sound confident in what I was doing. I realize that if I had had more confidence I probably would close the deal. It really is these nervous interactions that cause the people that were with not to buy from us or not to feel comfortable. I’ve come to believe that if I am not 100% comfortable and what I am doing or selling, there is no way I can really convince others to go with me.

So I guess the old saying that you need to sell yourself first is true. Not because you need to believe in the product, but because you need to believe in the process before you can convince others to believe.